Hello, Timshaw9.

The other day I returned from studying abroad and went to register for UberEats.

*Note that those who are temporarily returning to Japan will be able to use the Japan mobile phone number sms to register for UberEats.In the case of prepaid sim that can be bought at the airport, it is careful because there seems to be a Thailand that SMS cannot be used even with a voice call.In addition, sms authentication at the time of registration, such as when you check the phone to customers and shops during delivery, so use voice calls quite frequently, so choose a plan with a relatively low domestic call.By the way, I use HanaCell's "Japan SIM card".For more information, please visit the official website.

Today, i'll show you what i thought after actually delivering, in the order of the table of contents below.

Atmosphere of work

Customer Quality

In doing part-time work, the next thing i care about next to the hourly wage is "Is there a lot of kramers?" or something like that.When you work part-time at a company with many bad quality customers, you will be mentally able to pay the hourly rate no matter how good you are.

What I felt when I delivered one day yesterday

  • Many customers have a very high income.
  • There are a lot of orders from the apartment.

It is.According to other drivers, "UberEats is a relatively wealthy person because the unit price of the product is high"

So basically a few mistakes (delivery was delayed and the food got a little cold.I have the impression that there are many people who are tolerant.

If there are many such people, we drivers are also comfortable, and the quality of delivery and service naturally improve when we want to make a good impression on our customers.

In addition, because there are a lot of orders from a fairly good apartment, "I also want to live like this someday.All right, let's do our best!It's kind of like, it's also motivation.lol

However, there was a person who "arrived at the home, and the customer was absent, and appeared suddenly when it had just passed 10 minutes" only one person yesterday.

*UberEats has a rule that drivers are free to dispose of their dishes if they are unable to contact you for 10 minutes after arrival.(The reward for the delivery will be firmly entered.)

I almost got a free tapioca drink, so I thought, "I'm sorry.The delay of 10 minutes was unexpectedly tight because the next order had been reserved as usual.

Well, so-called "claims" is like a general lye operation (Uber support center) so that the driver is OK if you concentrate on delivery.

Management and quality of driver apps

As I said earlier, the driver is quite safe because the management will deal with the claims and so much.

I used to work part-time in a call center, but there are still a certain number of "customers who have a rude tone" and "customers who deliberately length long time".

If it is an hourly rate system, it is still a full commission system.In the case of UberEats (the amount of completed deliveries will be rewarded as it is), it is a knack to earn how quickly to complete a single delivery, so it is quite damaging to eat time to respond to such customers.

In addition, with respect to the operation of the app, you can see the operation of the sensory if you are using the smartphone normally (Insta or ), it is a fairly simple application.

One drawback is that it eats up the battery.Because you're always using location information.(Oh yes, the GoogleMaps app is mandatory to install)

It depends on the smartphone, but in the sense it decreases by 10 in one delivery.So mobile battery is essential.


Basically, there are few opportunities to meet customers, and because the delivery time is longer, it is a job suitable for those who are not good at customer service.

Since the time of customer service is extremely short, I think that there is also a good point because i can put a lot of effort into the customer service.

In addition, there is a boost only in a specific area and the reward becomes 1.5 times, and the delivery work itself seems to be a game of the stage system, and I think whether it is able to work while having a comparatively enjoyable.

Also, i like cycling, so it's quite fun when i'm waiting for the next order after delivery.

Notes on delivery

Be careful of traffic rules and parking

UberEats is basically more delivered (running) time than a conversation with a customer.

So, rather than the tension of "having to treat customers carefully", the tension of "must deliver without accidents" is more important.

Also, be aware that your traffic manners make the impression of UberEats because you run with your UberEats bag on your back.

※To be precise, there is no employment relationship between the driver and UberEats, but it will be treated as a driver's personal business.

The other day I was parking my bicycle in front of the shop, and the bicycle was not fixed well and the bicycle fell down, and i almost bumped into the car which seemed to be high in the Audi which had been parked next to me.

And, the person who seemed to be a strong-faced tout who was in the vicinity received attention.

It's pretty hard, isn't it?An object or an interpersonal person in delivery?(Maybe) accident, Uber insurance is going to go down, but it will stop delivery at that point, so it will be a nuisance to customers.

So, I am quite grateful to those who have given their attention at that time to the feeling that they have put their thirst in.In fact, after receiving attention, "good luck young people" i was cheered by the feeling like, it is a bitter memories well (laughs)

The bicycle delivery is quite tiring.

During delivery, there is also a sense of responsibility, you can deliver at the same speed as the original, i do not feel tired so much whether the adrenaline is out.

However, when the delivery is finished and the order returns to the waiting place where the order enters well, and when the delivery of the day is finished and it returns to the house, it is tired of the mess.

There are considerably more losses everywhere than the original delivery.

Well, it's going to be a good exercise.Because it is still a free way to work, the next day when I am too tired tends to skip like "It is full at home today".Or rather today I'm it (lol)

So, if your home is far from Tokyo, you can rent an electric-assisted bicycle or recommend delivery at Harano.

*Basically, orders are only placed in Tokyo (near the main station) frequently.If you are in the suburbs or not, you will not get any orders, so go to the area where restaurants gather as much as possible.

Ingenuity to increase evaluation and delivery efficiency

Prepare additional cushioning materials, etc.

This is also mentioned in the guidebook passed when you register UberEats, but the existing cold bag delivery bag will collapse or shuffle the dishes during delivery in Skaska, so let's prepare additional cushioning materials.

It is called a cushioning material, but there is no need to purchase it purposely.

In my case

  • Windbreaker up and down that i used in club activities before
  • Uniqlo's Ultra Light Down
  • 500ml pet is likely to enter about three type handbags

I put in an additional cold bag and deliver it.

If you put a windbreaker or down jacket, you can wear it if it rains or gets cold.(It is necessary to wash it after wearing it.)


  • Convenience store bento (both rice and noodle system)
  • Mac Drinks

Let's prepare a cushioning material that can be stored.

Moreover, because it is likely to deliver the warm one and the cold one together, it is still good to be able to make two partitions.

drive so that the bag is not tilted or shaken

Especially in the case of bicycles, it is easy to get uphill or fly downhill.If you do it too much, the axis of the body will shake, or it will be shaken greatly by the irregularity of the ground.

If you do it too much, you'll be careful because your food will spill and shuffle when you carry soup and bento.

What I saw somewhere was that the dishes that i didn't want to shake were placed close to my back.

What I'm trying to do is sit vertically so that i don't tilt my bag when I bend over to lock the bike.

In addition, if you are planning to deliver on a bicycle that will bend in front of such as a road bike, it may be more secure, such as mamachari.

If it is a sports motorcycle, there is a risk of theft, too.You may not always be able to park your car in a place where you can ground lock, and if you spend time parking every time, the delivery efficiency will also fall.

Basically, i think the trick to earning money efficiently with this UberEats is to "reduce the time spent in the office between deliveries".Well efficiency but I think it's a story from getting used to the basic work.

Send a message when delivery is delayed

This was also in the guidebook, so if the delivery was delayed,

"We are very much waiting for you.I just received the dish and started delivering it.It will arrive in about ○○ minutes, so please be patient.」

If you send a sentence like that when you receive the dish, you may get a better reputation from the customer.

Those who have been ordered, but we know the current location of our driver, so i do not know whether you are already in the stage of delivery, I think it is more polite to send a message like this.

Because the delivery has been delayed, the driver also feels a little easier by adding a word.

If you feel that it is troublesome to hit this sentence every time, in the case of iOS, you can strike in an instant if you register the shortcut sentence in the main body settings.

Tell them it's UberEats when you enter the store.

This is quite a hesitation if you do not get used to it, "UberEats" within the scope of common sense it is necessary to tell the shop.

Because, for example, if we receive an order from a tapioca store, we drivers don't have to line up in that long line, just wait directly for the reception in the store.

Because i'm quite lost around here, i asked the people of the shop from the beginning what to do, it is better than the receipt of the product is extremely slow to end up in a line by mistake.

Once in the store ,"Please give consideration to other customers" because there is also a request from the shop side, let's judge it by checking the app.

At last

Income Story

As for my income, I have only delivered a few times, so I can't write the details, but after every delivery in my Insta story, I'd like to post a daily reward or something.

My Insta, from the top right of the PC, from the menu bar of the smartphone three lines, please see if you can open if you press the insta icon.

Also if you are interested in UberEats reading this article, please give dm in Insta because you have an invitation code.

I'll be around here today.

Have a nice day…. Asalamu'ara!

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