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Today is a story about a certain chapter of the Koran.

What is the open-end chapter?

The opening chapter, as the name suggests, is the first chapter to come out when you open the Koran.

It is called "الفاتحة (Al-Fatihah)" in Arabic.

Q What is the length?

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Al-Fatihah by Mualaf asal Japan.

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Here is a video I read that is actually the author.

It is a short chapter which usually finishes reading within one minute if it reads normally.

There are seven verses if it says by the number of lines.

Q when do you read?

Basically, I always read this opening chapter for each rokart with five prayers a day.

* Rokart: A unit that represents a series of flow of prayer actions.Details are introduced in this article.

In a nutshell, Muslims read this opening chapter 17 times a day.(The Prayer of duty is five times a day, because it is a total of 17 rokart.)

It is a chapter which is very familiar for Muslim and is especially familiar in the Koran because it is a chapter which reads it a lot.

Also, if you plan to become a Muslim or want to pray in earnest, please try to remember this chapter by all means!

Because, it is only this opening chapter that it is assumed that it is an obligation to read among them though there are a lot of things read in Arabic besides this opening chapter in the prayer.

I also learned this opening chapter at the very beginning.

Because I read it 17 times every day, I remember it naturally, and the pronunciation becomes smooth.

Q. What do you say in Arabic?

In a nutshell, "vows and gratitude to God," "We Serve Only You (God)," and "Please guide us to the right path."

The Koran of the Translation Japanese tentatively (manual) I have, but I do not know honestly well read the translation here, I write the meaning only lightly.

Because the detailed meaning and the translation of this opening chapter comes out if it examines it on the net, please there.

By the way, there are many Muslims other than the native Arabic speaking "I can read the Arabic language of the Koran, but I cannot understand it without translation."(I think the majority of things are different depending on the environment.)

I like to remember the pronunciation first, and then look at the translation and understand the meaning of the image.

I hear that native people do not understand all the Arabic words written in the Koran.

At last

If you are interested in reading Arabic, please try to search the site by "How to read Arabic" if it is good because it introduces it over three articles in the past article.

When I heard this opening chapter for the first time, I thought, "Wow, it's difficult to pronounce Arabic," but I listened to it every day and repeated my pronunciation a lot more than half a year later.

Muslims need as much as possible to pronounce the Koran correctly, including this opening chapter, so if you want to learn, let's do your best!!

If you actually read it, your prayers will be even deeper.

I'm sorry about this today.

… Asalamu'ara!

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