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A Muslim man has a lot of beard like the people in the photograph above.

Not only the uncle but also the person who is growing in the high school etc.

So why do all Muslim men want to be bearded?

Because it is recommended to sprout a beard

Yes, the reason is simple: "Muslim men are encouraged to sprout beards in Hadith."

Hadith (Hadith): A record of the words and actions that God's Prophet Muhammad said in his daily life.For the Koran, the Prophet receives the word of God and wrote it as it is.

Because the prophet is a person who has been presented directly to God who judges whether the actions of Muslims are good or bad, I think there is no mistake if we imitate their deeds.

Therefore, there are a lot of Muslims who extend the beard based on the hadith.

However, it is not an obligation as the prayer of five times a day because it is the only recommendation.

By the way, it is said that such a recommended act is sunnah.

Sunnah (Sunnah): A Muslim that is based on hadith should be modeled.It is not a duty, but to do and be better.

The only thing that is recommended is the beard.

However, in fact, the only recommendation for this beard is the beard.

Whiskers around the mouth are recommended to shave.

So, ideally, the beard around the mouth is stretched only by the beard, and the state that shaved is perfect.

By the way, it is likely not to stretch even if stretched with respect to momige (there is no particular rule).

At last

I wonder why so many Muslim men have a beard.

At the same time, I think that the distinction whether it extends the beard as the Muslim or is not so has come to attach to some degree, too.

So today is the day…. Asalamu'ara!

Ref: Wajib Memanjangkan Jenggot Dan Haram Memotongnya


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