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The last article [FULL VERSION] is the continuation of the way of reading and pronunciation of Arabic characters (1).

Level II: Consonants in English

Level 2 is a consonant in English.There are five kinds of them.


[Name] Sir/Tsā/ثا
Pronunciation Ts [θ]
[Explanation] English "Tha Thi Thu", the tongue tip is lightly applied to the upper teeth and pronounced through the breath
[Alphabetical order] 4th
[Source] silent, tooth, fricative/θ/
  • ث (Tsā): "Th" in English
  • س (Sīn): Japanese lines
  • ش (Syīn): Japanese's Shallow
  • Note that each sound of the same "S" is different from the pronunciation!


【 Name 】 Saar/Dzāl/ذال
Pronunciation Dza [Ð]
Description: The vocal version of "Tha Thi Thu" in English, while lightly applying the tip of the tongue to the upper teeth, pronounce the line of Japanese
[Alphabetical] 9th
[Citation from] voiced, teeth, fricative/ð/
  • ج (Jīm): Japanese ja line
  • ذ (Dzāl): The vocal version of Th in English
  • ز (Zā): Japanese the line
  • These sounds are similar, and note that "Dzāl" and "Zā" are especially easy to make mistakes!

【 Name 】 Low/Rā/را
Pronunciation R [AS/R]
[Explanation] "Ro/Ri Ru" of the tongue
[Alphabetical order] 10th
[Citation from] voiced, gums, repelling sound/RX/
  • The notation is "Ra", but the pronunciation is not "la" but "B".I'll explain why that happens at level 4.
  • In addition, the tongue is pronounced as "as" and "lightly flick around the gums" like the line of the Japanese, and the pronunciation of "tongue shake [R]".

【 Name 】 fur/Fā/فا
Pronunciation F [F]
Description: "Fa Fi Fu" in English
[Alphabetical order] 20th
[Source] silent, labiodental, fricative//


【 Name 】 Ram/Lām/لام
Pronunciation L [l]
Description: "La Li Lu" in English, while maintaining the tongue tip to the gums, while breathing from both sides to pronounce
[Alphabetical order] 23rd
[Citation from] voiced, gum, lateral approach sound/

Now that we've finished level two, we're going to level 3 now.

From this level, we will learn the unique consonants of the Arabic language.

The pronunciation takes a lot of time until you get used to it, so it's okay to look lightly.What is important is to know whether there is such a pronunciation.

Let's go.

Level III: Consonants that use the throat

Level 3 is the consonant that uses the throat.There are three types.

【 Name 】 ha/Hā/حا
Pronunciation H [ħ]
[Description] "Ha Hi Hu", the sound when you breathe "huh" in your hand when cold, breathe out from the throat pronounced
[Alphabetical order] 6th
[Source] silent, pharyngeal, fricative/ħ/
  • Arabic has a letter representing "ح (Hā)" and "ه (Hā)" Two "H".Let's be aware of the pronunciation distinction.
  • The pronunciation of "Hi" and "Hu" in this ح (Hā) is very difficult for Japanese speakers.Practice repeatedly until you get used to it.

' Ain

[Name] Ain/' Ain/عين
[Description] "A, I, U", the sound of the vowel symbol from the back of the throat pronounced
[Alphabetical order] 18th
[Citation from] voiced, pharynx, fricative/ʕ/
  • This "ع (' Ain)" also represents the sound of the vowel symbol as well as "ا", but I put more force in my throat and pronounce it from the back of the throat.As an image, it is a feeling to pronounce "a I-woo" painfully.It is a difficult pronunciation, but once you learn this, you will feel more Arabic.
  • In addition, when it is written in Latin letters, it is often referred to as ' a ' I ' u '.Because this "ع (' Ain)" is used also in the Allaramaikum, it is referred to as "Assaru'arakumm".


【 Name 】 Ham za/Hamzah/همزة
Explanation: It is the feeling that the voice disappears momentarily when "it is" in the consonant and the Japanese which stops the flow of the breath after the vocal gate is closed.
[Alphabetical order] 28th
[Source] Silent, vocal, pop/ʔ/
  • I mentioned earlier that "ع (' Ain)" is often referred to as ' a ' I ' u ', but this "ء (Hamzah)" is denoted by a point in the back of the previous consonant or its vowel, as in "a ', I '. U '.

Well, Level 3 has also ended.It became difficult to pronounce it suddenly.

When I first saw this videoIt's too pointless… And puzzled (laughs)

I can't pronounce everything perfectly yet, so let's do our best!

The continuation level 4 and level 5 will be carried over to the next article.

[FULL VERSION] how to pronounce Arabic characters (3)

السلام عليكم

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