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Today I answer a simple question about Muslim prayers.

What happens if you laugh during your prayers?

If you basically laughed during your prayers, the prayer would be void.

That prayer is going to be redone.

So sometimes it's among my friends to make him laugh when other people are praying.

The rest is also a laugh.

In the image, I feel like I'm going to laugh at a quiet classroom in class.

The situation of not laughing is strengthening the desire to laugh extra.

It is a situation like a certain TV program.

Have you actually laughed?

It is.I had a serious laugh only once,

I was praying with a friend of mine at that time, but just before praying, I talked about what would happen if I said "Allahu Akbar" in Japanese.

"Allahu Akbar" is an Arabic word that means "Allah is great" in Japanese, but when we talked about it, "Allah is Great" Japanese a mystery to me, and it became a big laugh before prayer.

And when you start praying, you say "Allahu Akbar".It comes out many times while praying.

At that time, every time I heard "Allahu Akbar", it was like, "Allah is great," and it seems to make me laugh.

"If you start praying, you'll laugh and start laughing again."

I repeat like three times, I have already could do today (laughs)

In the end, I started to laugh at the "fan that doesn't become strong even if I twist the knob" which was in the place.

By the way, if the prayer is interrupted because of laughter or more than three times, it is said that Udu becomes invalid.

You have to redo the Udu again.

[Correction 2019/05/31] excuse me, it seems to have been a mistake, and it is said that Woodu will not become invalid because it laughed.

However, because it is a fact that it becomes a switch of feelings when you do udu, I think that it is a good means to do the woodu if you have laughed.

* Udu: Use water before praying for purification.Learn more about this article [commentary in the video] what is the purification "Udu/wudhu" before the prayer that Muslims do? Please see.

Do you have any device that you do not laugh during prayer?

Well, if I were to laugh

  • Thrice eyes
  • Concentrate on reading in prayer

And then you endure laughter.

* During prayer, I read a part of the Koran like a spell without speaking to the truth.

There is also a means of "do not pray with people who are easy to laugh when we are together" (laughs)

Well basically, if you concentrate on your prayers, you will not laugh, so the important thing is to concentrate on your prayers.

Well, it's around here today.

… Asalamu'ara!

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