Hello, Timshaw9.

Well, the mystery of the night will decrease the belly.

It is even more so in the fast months.

Well, there are a lot of street stalls in the Indonesia where I am now, and they are doing until late at night considerably.

So, today I would like to talk about the food stalls that are perfect for the hunger in the middle of the night.

However, there are various kinds of food stalls on the street.

Well, let’s choose the Nasi-ren of the royal Road for the time being lost.It is not a flop.

Let’s go

Street stalls of the Indonesia, it is roughly like this.

, It’s like Indonesia around sleeping in a stray cat under the stall.

The person who cooked after this was giving the cat the chicken.

Indonesia Stray cats eat chicken.I’ve never seen him eat anything other than chicken.

Oh yes, this stall is going to pull it back when business is over by mobile.

This is a scene that is walking slowly, and there is also a lot of such a spectacle.

I will cook it like this.

How to put the seasoning and how neat or rather become a performance anymore, I do not get tired just looking.

It is not congested even in the Indonesia of the night when becoming midnight.

It feels like there is an infinite amount of time at night, so I feel mentally calm.

Well, it is the essential nasi ren.

It is so.Well, it is delicious.

A guy like this cracker is crispy and goes well with a fragrant aroma.

The nasi is also a little spicy, it is delicious to the best!It is not a safe and delicious.

Anyway, it is a taste of the perfect at night.

Incidentally, the price is 12,000 rupiah (100 yen).

This price is happy.

The food in the stalls is not good for health and bad for the throat because it uses the one that the cooking oil does not do well, and it is good if it Shikere.

It is a method of the order, “Nasi Goreng Satu” Nasishiren “It is all right if you say.

PDAs (Pedas)?Sambal”?If you ask me, “Is it good to be spicy?”Because it is asked, if it is good to be painful well [(Iya)], if you are poor [Tida (Tidak)] It is OK if you say.

There are many kinds of nasi

  • Nasi Special (ordinary guy)
  • Nasi goreng-ayam/Ayam (chicken Guy)
  • Nasi Goeren-Camvin/ambing (goat Guy)
  • Nasi-Shien Seafood (seafood)

Like this.

Incidentally, the goat meat is almost the same taste as pork.

But if you miss the pork in the Indonesia, you may want to buy it in “Satkanbin/sate Kambing (Grilled goat meat)”.

I sell a few hundred yen in the stalls.Oh, but it is a caution because it causes the headache when eating too much satasabine.But it is delicious.

The source of the satabine is also careful because it is unexpectedly spicy.The double attack of headache and abdominal pain is hard.

Well, the Nasi talk is the end around here.

Today’s article was very gudagada.

Because the sentence used a lot of loose words, the instrument translation will probably be terrible.

Well it’s Bodo amat.

* In Indonesia language, Boamatt/amat do not “care”.

I’ll be around here today.

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