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The other day I made an article about "a mosque like a hotel", but in fact there was a light on the ceiling of the mosque that randomly lined up.

This is a block-shaped lamp.

In fact, this represents the number of locarts per prayer.

Number of locarts per prayer?I'm not sure.

I will explain it today.

What is Rokart/Raka ' at?

I will explain in the video.

In this way, Rokart is a unit of counting the series of motions in prayer.

The sequence of actions is as shown in the video above

  1. Upright State
  2. Bowed state (Ruku ')
  3. Back to upright (I'tidal)
  4. The state that the amount of the knee is put on the floor (Sujud)
  5. The state of sitting upright
  6. (4) One More time

It is.

Once this sequence of actions is one rocart.

Different number of rocarts per prayer

We pray five times a day, but each prayer is made in a different number of rokart.

※ The time of prayer five times a day is introduced in detail in this article.

  • Prayer before the day (FAJR): 2 Rokart
  • Midday Prayer (Dzuhur): 4 Rokart
  • Evening Prayer (Ashar): 4 Rokart
  • Sunset Prayer (Maghrib): 3 Rokart
  • Prayer after Sunset (Isya): 4 Rokart

The number of Rokart is different for each prayer like this.

For example, if you pray before the day, it is like repeating a series of streams of the previous video twice.


Now that you know the meaning of Rokart and the number of different rocarts for each prayer, let's take a look at the lights on the ceiling.

2-4-4-3 pieces-4 from the top left.

It certainly represents "the number of rockers per prayer".

In addition, this large light in the center consists of five rings.

It is said to represent the five elements of Islam.

* Five elements: "Faith confession, Worship, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage" that are imposed on Muslims.

In this way, the decoration of the mosque is hidden in various meanings.

If you have a chance to go to the mosque, ask the administrator about the decorations you are interested in.

There may be an interesting story.

I'll be around here today…. Asalamu'ara!

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