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We also purify the “Udu/Udhu” before praying for the Japan to purify it with water before entering the shrine.

I think that it is useful information for those who are not only learning Islam but also “store managers who want to strengthen Muslim correspondence”.

Let’s look at the way of the Udu in the video immediately!

How to do Woodu

This is a video explaining the way of Woodu.

The voice is small and it is hard to listen (laughs) I’ll be careful next time.

Now, Muslims basically do this woodu before praying five times a day.

Because it washes with water from the head to the foot as seen from the video, “Water reaches the floor, and a good space even if wet” is ideal.

Now, let’s look at each operation in detail because it is hard to understand only the video!

(1) Wash both hands × 3 round trip

First of all, I wash both hands.

The basic action is to start from the right.

Islam is the right to clean and the left is unclean.

In this case, we wash from the right hand.

The point is to wash your fingers well.

Repeat this three times.

(2) Shake your mouth × 3 times

Next, I shake my mouth too much.

The point is “bring water to your mouth with your right hand and spit out water on your left when you finish too.”

Also, repeat the operation of this “including-yube-spit” three times.

It is a little difficult if you are not accustomed to carry water by hand, but it is convenient to apply it when I brush my teeth when I learn this.

(3) Shake the nose quickly × 3 times

Next, I shake my nose too much.

This is surprisingly difficult, and I can’t do it perfectly yet.

The trick is to breathe a bit of water in your hand and blow it up.

Repeat three times.

This is going to be able to be a big success in the hay fever season.My nose hurts when I miss it.

(4) washing face × 3 round trip

Next, wash your face.

The way to wash is usually good, but let’s be aware that the entire face is thoroughly washed from the forehead to the chin (even those with a beard).

Moreover, it is the impression that it washes considerably violently though it is so as soon as the nose of the previous.

We also have three round trips.

(5) wash both arms × 3 round trip

Next, wash your arms.

The point is to get wet with water from the elbow to the wrist.

So there is no particular rule in the operation when washing.

Let’s try to conserve water when you do the Udu.If you twist the faucet too much, your clothes get wet.

Repeat three times.

(6) washing hair × 3 round trip

It is a photograph like the person who is holding the head and it washes the hair next.

In fact, it is good if the bangs near the forehead is washed, but let’s wash it vigorously as it is.

The point is “wash from front to back, and come back to the front as it is”.

It is hard to understand when expressing in words.The return is important for the time being.

We also have three round trips.

Before I become a Muslim, my first impression of a Muslim is “the hair is wet well.”

This was quite a mystery.How many times have you been showering?(Laughs) I thought I was wrong.

(7) Wash your ears × 3 times

Next, wash your ears.

The image is “touch the whole ear lightly with wet hands” feeling.

When you wash the hole of the ear with a lot of water in this case, be careful because the ear becomes anxious during the prayer (because of the discomfort of water) and cannot concentrate.

Repeat three times.

(8) wash both feet × 3 round trip

I wash my feet at the end.

The point is “wash up to the ankle and wash between fingers”.

So, before you start the Udu, you should raise the hem of your trousers.

The left leg is three round trip after three round-trip of the right foot, too.

Let’s grab the wall with one hand so as not to fall down.

This is a private thing, I wash the soles of the feet touching the floor, “the floor of the place to do Udu is beautiful” is quite happy (laughs)


Well, I think that you understood somehow what kind of thing Udu is.

In summary here

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Just shake your mouth.
  3. Give your nose a quick shake
  4. Wash your face
  5. Wash both arms
  6. Wash hair
  7. Wash your ears
  8. Wash both feet


  • Repeat three times the whole process.
  • Start with your right hand.
  • Evenly the whole thing and wash it to the finer details

Like this.

Why are Muslims always wet like after showering?I think the question was solved (laughs)

Here we are today!

Thank you for reading to the end.

You guys have a good day today…. Asalamu’ara!

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