Hello, Timshaw9.

Today, we introduce a mosque like a hotel that was renovated over a total of approximately 100 million yen.

The name is “Al-Ikhlaash Mosque.”

The address is “I, Jalan Jatiluhur No.8, Katulampa, Kec. Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16144 “.

As the title of this mosque is equipped with WiFi, but is usually comfortable.Uploading images is also a quick kanari.

It’s good to stay here every day, seriously (laughs)

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the pictures.

Front view

It is not a big mosque, but the luxury is not a hanpa.

This front door is an automatic door.

View from side

There is a small garden, so it’s really like a hotel.

There is also a staircase like this.

It is a great place to stay.

Well, it is a room to pray the essential.Air conditioning.

I am glad that the air conditioner is attached to the prayer room.It is the best to say the least.

The feeling of this stone before is also the best.

The frame of the tree between the stones is lit up, but it was gone when I took a picture.

This floor is fluffy and is the best.

This is also a big point because you put a forehead on the floor when you pray.

Moreover, because there is a case to hear the story of the length of the principal’s story, this fluffy is good.

The stairs are also good looking in vain like this.

There is a place of this purification when going down the stairs ahead.

This is normal, but clean and good.

However, the water came out by a fine water pressure only by twisting a little.

The toilet is really clean.

There’s no shampo and body soap.

When you walk out from the toilet, there’s water from floor to clean your feet.

Well, the picture is over here.

It was a great introduction to the mosque.

Thank you for watching to the end.

Have a good day today!…

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