Hello, Timshaw9.

This time, I will introduce the "Souvenir for a good baraki when I buy it in the Indonesia" from the local Indonesia studying abroad.

I chose a comparatively cheap and unusual one.

※ The price that is written depends on the location.For your information, please.

Beng-beng (Benven)

This is a classic souvenir, and I sell it anywhere in Indonesia country.

It is a feeling that the Snickers was considerably lightened in the taste.

There is also a version of "Beng-beng Maxx" that has a volume of 1.5 times.This adds a caramel sauce, which increases the snickers feeling more.

Beng-beng (1 bottle) 3,000 rupiah (approx. 22 yen)
Maxx (1) 5,000 rupiah (approx. 38 yen)

It was not in the convenience store that we went this time, in the case of BOX selling is 30,000 to 40,000 rupiah (about 230 to 300 yen) in the Beng-beng 20 pieces/Maxx 12 pieces.

Indomie (India me)

I think that it is quite standard to buy the instant noodle of the local dish flavor as a souvenir in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia, there are instant noodles such as Indomie and Mie Sedaap.

Because there is a lot of flavor anyway, it is good to try to buy the whole thing, but I will introduce my recommendation tentatively.

Incidentally, there are two types of normal type with soup and cut water after cooking.

The latter type is like a fried noodle, and is written as "Mie Goreng" in the package.

The price is approximately 2,500 rupiah (about 20 yen) in total seasoning.

Classic Indomie-Mie Goreng

This is the type of water cut after cooking that I said earlier.

Because the soup is basically too salty for the type with soup, it is recommended first of all the delicious "Indomie-Mie Goreng" without the seasoning which was especially changed like this.

However, if you ask for Indonesia this taste is crappy.

Indomie-Rasa Soto Mie

This is a type with soup.

The salty soup is refreshing seasoned with citrus sour.

It is recommended because it is absolutely not seasoned in the Japan!

But be careful because the soup is salty!

Indomie-Rasa Ayam Geprek for the Challenger

This is the type of water cut after cooking.

What is the challenge for the challenger, it is very spicy.

It is Mongolia Tanmen sold in seven to say at the spicy level.

Because Indonesia is a country with a lot of spicy food, if you want to feel it, please try this.

It's spicy but delicious!

Sweet Powder Instant coffee

In the Indonesia, there are a lot of "sweet coffee of completion only by pouring the hot water in the cup by opening the seal."

It is recommended because it is easy to make and taste Indonesia.

Because there are many kinds of this, I introduce my recommendation.

The price is about 15,000 to 20,000 rupiah (about 100 to 150 yen) to buy 10 cups.


This is a cappuccino, isn't it?The taste is sweet from the concept of Japanese coffee.

As a feature, there is a feeling of luxury and satisfaction because it comes with a chocolate powder for every cup.

Because the package is stylish, it is considerably recommended.

It is a little higher than other types.

Luwak-White Koffie Original

White Coffee was originally born in Malaysia.There is a little fragrant bitterness in the sweetness and it becomes addicted.

This is an instant coffee that you can easily enjoy the white coffee.

If it is a little too sweet, let's choose here.This is sweet enough (laughs)

At last

Thank you for reading to the end!

There are many kinds of instant noodles and coffee, so I will write a comparison article sometime.

Oh, I'll introduce one last thing.

This "Ting-ting" is a small snack (bean sweets).

Because the name is interesting, it might be good to buy it by the Neta if I find it (laughs)

Have a good day today!…

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