Alaikum WR WB.

I timshaw9, today I would like to discuss with this material "our hand is given by God for what".

Why would I want to discuss this, the reason for using Takbeer in the situation.

Because it could make an outside thought "Oh Islam tuh Kaya Gini yes, DANGER" Gitu.

I also before beginning to study Islam, judging the Islamic religion from there.

Continuing I also do not understand why use a takbeer in such a situation.

But sorry I do not understand his background, but obviously it can explain our religion.

Okay I started his shoulders yes.

The meaning of the word "Allahu Akbar"

It means "Allahu Akbar" is "Allah is great".

Not only "big" or "very big" but "most large".

God is the greatest of any kind and can do anything.

If we want something and ask God, surely God is loving to us.

While our human ability

We are man of limited ability, unlike our God.

Well we humans can what Aja?

We fighting ² So can make what?

The Bisanya makes the atmosphere increasingly chaotic and worsened.

See from history first, the result of nowhere tuh.

Especially we are Muslim, Islam tuh instead of religion piece??

So we can what for this world

But yaa nowhere it is there must be a background of his yes, there must be purpose.

But if nowhere can not be the best results. Mutual irritating/hate Doang.

Well now we are Muslims who have two sentences creed in the heart, there is a better way.

That is praying.

Yaa, Pray.

The help of Allah is great (Allahu Akbar).

Our hands are given God not to fighting but to pray.


I'm a Cuman Islamic Gamau so misunderstand again.

We apologize if it is not good to read.

Alaikum WR WB.

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