Hello, Timshaw9.

This time I will introduce the mosque called "Iron Mosque" in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Because the tourist information is introduced with a wonderful photograph by other bloggers, I introduce "the great point that the Muslim actually thought about praying in the Iron Mosque".

Incidentally, the official name of this iron mosque is "Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque Putrajaya".

It is long.Now let's get to the chase.

Surprised two points

1. Great place to do your cleansing

Muslims will be cleansed with water before praying, but we will introduce the place because it was so cool.

At this point, the hotel is in good shape.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no mosque with such a hot faucet!!

This is a very exciting (laughs)

It is like this video.

2. The space to pray is open-minded

This mosque has a prayer space upstairs, but the view from there is good.

Moreover, because water flows around the prayer space, it is very refreshing.


It was a very innovative and exciting mosque.

However, because the glass which cracked quite a lot had been left without being repaired, it is something interesting.

It is a mosque which is not taken up too much by the tourist guide etc., but there is much worth going!

Please come and visit us.

Have a good day today…. Asalamu'ara!

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