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A friend of the other day said, "Do you need a formal procedure when you enter Islam?"I received a simple question.

It is certainly not well known.

So this time, I will briefly introduce you to the Muslims in January this year.

First, let's take a look at the video

This is the actual picture of when I became a Muslim.

It says the word of the oath while shaking hands something.

Well, in conclusion,

Say a vow in front of two Muslim men

This is how we become Muslims.

It's very easy.It ends in a moment.

Let's take a closer look at the words of the oath.

Two of the most important statements for Muslims

In other words, some people do not pray at all, and there are those who faithfully defend and live the teachings every day.

But there is always something in common with all those Muslims, and that is the word of the oath.

If there is a word of this oath, the person is a Muslim.Even if you ignore the teachings.

Swear words are the strongest.

Now, the word of this oath consists of two Arabic sentences.

  1. I believe that there is no God other than Allah.
  2. I believe that Muhammad is the prophet of God.

The meaning is like this.

This is a supplement to the word "prophet", which means "those who have received the word from God."

It is not a prediction, but a prophecy to be kept.

I'm not even in detail, "Muhammad, who received the presentation from God, recorded the Word of God as the Koran," I feel.

We Muslims always say this oath in five prayers every day.The simple calculation says this word nine times a day.

In Islam, it is called "Shahadat/Syahadat" to say the word of this oath.

So, when you make sure you're already a Muslim, "Did you do Shahadat already?"It is asked.

After the words of the oath

They bathe

Did they come to Islam, all previous mistakes will be cancelled.

Even if you have eaten pork, they are not.

It is often said, "becoming a Muslim = reborn in a new and sacred State".

By doing this bathing ※, I wash away all evil.

※ It is called "large bathing/Mandi Besar" Exactly, and is different from a little ordinary bathing.

After saying the oath, I also did this bathing in the toilet and the bathing place of the mosque.

It was not a beautiful place to compliment, but I felt like I was reborn somehow (laughs)

Your first Prayer

After bathing, I will become a Muslim and pray for the first time.

I have been praying before I became a Muslim, but there is no meaning in that prayer because I am not a Muslim.

So when I actually became a Muslim and had a meaningful prayer for the first time, I was very impressed.

Issuing certificates

When you become a Muslim, ask them to give you a new name for Islam.(Although not enforced)

And, the official certificate of "This person became a Muslim" by the name is issued by the mosque etc.

Actually, my did they come was pretty abrupt, so I haven't officially issued a certificate yet.

As for the story that I became Muslim, I will introduce it in another article sometime.


This is a bit of a difficult story, but the so-called "circumcision".In Indonesia language, it is called "Sunnat".

If you do not know circumcision, please google.In simple terms, "surgery to keep the important part clean".

This circumcision is recommended for Muslim males.Therefore, Muslim men undergo this operation basically when they are elementary and junior high school students.

* There are the recommended faction and the absolute faction.I am the recommended faction.

Because Islam is a religion that emphasizes cleanliness.

However, it is a little unacceptable because there is no Japan this circumcision culture.

This will be another article later on.

At last

Well, it is like this.There should be many people who knew it unexpectedly for the first time.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Have a good day…. Asalamu'ara!

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