It is a story about "when a Muslim prays," which is not well-known in detail today.

Let's get to the subject immediately.

At first

First of all, we have three knowledge about prayer time.

(1) The Sunni population of approximately 90% of Muslims prays five times a day.

(2) Basically, you should do your prayers by the time of your next prayer.

(3) The time of prayer depends on the place and the day.

I will explain each one.

Five prayers per day

This is the time to pray for today in Jakarta.

"Do you not get tired of praying five times a day?」

Before I became a Muslim, I thought like this.

But in fact, it's like a meal of three meals a day.

In addition

Get up early
-Life Rhythm is ready
Easy to grasp the sense of time of day

There is also a merit.
It's hard to get up early in the morning (laughs)

By the way, fasting is done from this "prayer before the day" to "Prayer of the Sunset".

It is while the so-called day rises.

Do it by the time of the next prayer.

In a country where Islam is the mainstream, the voice which informs the time of the prayer that "Azaan" is five times a day flows from the speaker of the mosque at a high volume.

It is not Japan that the announcement at the high volume at 4:30 in the morning flows.

I was quite surprised at the beginning of my study abroad (laughs)

Well, the prayer is basically, I just have to do until the next prayer of Azune.

But there are exceptions.

Morning prayers must be done before the day is up.
I can't do it after the sun has gone out.

Morning Prayer: Prayer of the 
day until the day before: Prayer of the thir
d time until the next pray
er begins: Prayer of th
e evening: until the next morning prayer begins

Like this.

The time of prayer different depending on the place and the day

The previous photo was in Jakarta, but for example in Tokyo

Like this.

Because the time of the prayer is decided by the movement of the Sun, the time differs according to the country of course.

In addition, the time changes depending on the day even in the same place.

In this way, the day is longer in Tokyo than in Jakarta.

So those who are fasting in Tokyo now have been fasting for about two hours longer than Indonesia I am.

Thank you for your good work.

At last

Today, I introduced you to the time of prayer in your daily life.

In the future, if you are traveling, if you sleep late, we will introduce a little irregular prayer.

Have a good day.
… Asalamu'ara!

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