All of a sudden, are you hungry now?

I'm already hungry (laug
hs) It's been about a week since I started fasting this year.

Well, do you guys know?
During fasting, eating and drinking during the day is forbidden!!

Hey, I know that!There may be some who thought.

As the name of fasting, it is a rule of fasting to sever the desire based on appetite.

But even during such fasting, there is actually food and drink that are allowed.

My friend said that eating and drinking was "grace from God."

It is not intentional eating and drinking.

Unintentional eating and drinking?

Yes.For instance, let's set that it opens the fast with a good friend in the restaurant of which it goes.

I'm almost ready to open the fast today!At that time, the drink which had been ordered a little while ago was carried.
I was absorbed in the conversation with a friend, and had inadvertently drank the drink which had been carried by the habit of usual!

In this case.
It's actually safe.

In fact, some of my friends who have experienced saying "I drank carelessly" are also around me (laughs)

It was absorbed in the talk when the family and the fast were opened in the house, it drank while laughing at the water which had been prepared, and it blew it back momentarily.

Or, in the case of

I was thirsty on the way home and drank up the water of 500ml pet bottle unconsciously.

What a person (laughs)

If you come up to this point, you are really doubting it.
But I have not heard the story of "I ate carelessly" yet.

If you have an experience that you have eaten carelessly, or who know such friends, please tell me the episode (laughs)

I'm hungry, and I feel like I'm hiding a Chris, but I have two and a half hours of patience (laughs)

Have a good day!
… Asalamu'ara!

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