Last night, I opened my fast at the mosque with my friends from the same high school.
I will share the situation this time!

Have you ever visited a mosque?
The opportunity to see a mosque in the city is a little Japan…

The above picture is a mosque that I opened the fast, but it is a large mosque on the campus of a University of Indonesia.

In this mosque, "the event which opens the fast in everyone" is done every day during the fasting month.
Of course, all meals are free!

Most of the students who visit are on the same campus.

Well, yesterday we arrived at the mosque exactly when Azaan * started ringing, but there were already a lot of people there.

* Azaan: A voice that informs you of the time of prayer."The Prayer of the sunset, Azoon = The fast is open."

The stomach immediately after opening the fast is quite sensitive.
A steep heavy meal is the original of abdominal pain.

So, when you open a fast, it is basic to eat "light and sweet things"!
If you want to try fasting, don't open it with spicy food if you're wrong.

Once I was invited by a family of friends, I went to a very popular "spicy shellfish restaurant" to open the fast.
The restaurant was quite delicious, so I was very enthusiastic about it, and now I think it's stupid.

Sure enough it caused the belly to break.
The shellfish dish was very delicious (laughs)

In yesterday's mosque, we had a snack to open fast.

  • Watermelon
  • Dates
  • Two kinds of light fry
  • Water


What is dates?

There are many who seemed to be, probably.
This is like a black rugby ball.

I also knew the name of "dates" for the first time (laughs)
In Indonesia language, Kurma (car) is called.It's not a car.

The dates are the fruit of the date and are grown mainly in the North Africa and the Middle East.

It is an area where there are mainly Islamic countries.
It is a fruit that is deeply related to Islam.

The taste is sweet and delicious, although it may look a little like a goki.
Texture and taste are different depending on the variety!

The ideal for Muslims to open fast

(1) Drink water and eat 3 grains of dates (2
) Pray for the sunset (there is also a meaning to rest the stomach) (
3) Dinner

It is said.

After we finished this snack, we went upstairs to pray for the sunset.

Now the prayer is over, and finally we have a dinner!
We went down the stairs and went back to the second floor.

At that time, there was already a row in front of this ordered meal.

But here's the problem.

All the people in the queue had tickets (laughs)
You laughed.

Hey, we don't have a ticket.
I have to go home and open the house.

I was sitting reluctantly while having such a conversation.

"It's not even a one-chan ticket," I felt like, I also lined up in the queue.

And then after a while the column ended

The person who does not have the ticket, lined up here.

The person in charge said.
What, can I get a meal without a ticket?

It felt like a priority ticket.
But where did the other people get that ticket?

Alhamdulillah! The food was Lundan.

The beef is simmer for a long time with spices and coconut milk, and it is Padang cooking.

It is meat dish, but because preservation is effective, it is eaten especially well during Ramadan.

If you plan to come to Indonesia because it is delicious, please try by all means!

Everyone is enjoying the meal like this.
After this, I went back to pray after the meal.

By the way, in Indonesia language, to open the fast with other people, Buka Bersama (Buka: Open, Bersama: Together) says.

In addition, "Bukber" which abbreviated it is often used among friends.

If you have a chance, please try to Bukber.
The fasting that you open alone is a bit different!

Have a good day today!
… Asalamu'ara!

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