Hi, I’m timshaw9.

Through 10 months of study abroad in Indonesia, I learned the local language and was deeply immersed in the culture of that country (mainly Islamic culture).

As a result, I became able to talk freely with the local people, and I was able to write such a blog based on the valuable experience I got there.

So I noticed that the visible world is much richer and more interesting than before.

Well, today’s story is, “Knowledge enriches your life”

Life becomes rich as knowledge increases

What makes you rich

For example, in my case, I learned Indonesian, the local language of Indonesia.

In fact, I also went to Indonesia for a week before I learned Indonesian, but at that time I had a conversation with my local friend in English.

Communication in English was not a good thing for me because English was a second language and a language I had never actually learned while speaking in the native zone for me. I think they also felt that way.

However, when I reunited with them after I learned Indonesian, I was able to speak with them in their native language, so the conversation was smooth and just “communicating”! ! It was that kind of feeling. .

After that, they could hear their voice a little differently from when they were speaking in English, and they could understand their unconventional conversation.

I realized that my Indonesian language proficiency had improved, and I felt that it would change so much in the same world whether you knew or knew it.

The high school teacher was saying the same thing

My high school is a slightly different high school called the general subject, and besides the regular subjects, I have to choose the timetable freely to study the specialized subjects such as “Agriculture, Industry, Welfare, International, Commercial etc.” Was done.

Therefore I was taking a class to learn “wild life (basic plants)” for a while, but when the teacher who was teaching the class was in the first class position

“Just knowing the name of the plant makes it fun to walk.”

I was saying something like that.

In addition, this teacher is a person who is rich in overseas experience, and often said that “the people will change in the environment.”

I also felt that I really felt through this study abroad (study abroad was a kickback and converted), so I thought it was something that came from experience. 

Also, the teacher of physics is also

“I went to a date with you Nagamine, and if you didn’t know the rock, it would only be fucking fucking.”

I was saying something like that.

※ Nagatoro (Nagoro): A town blessed with rocks with unusual topography, located northwest of Saitama Prefecture. Nagashima Town Tourism Association Official Site

This teacher is a teacher who is familiar with not only science subjects such as physics and chemistry but also history, so I think that a lot of knowledge will be linked to see a different world. (Lol)


This is a very self-sufficient world, but I feel that with the increase of knowledge, the enjoyment of life will greatly increase.

For example, just reading simple Arabic letters will increase the fun of sightseeing in mosques.

If I could do it would make my life richer if I knew “others don’t know,” but as I said earlier this is a world of self-sufficiency, so the most important thing is “My own I think it is to follow the heart you want to learn.

If you can’t find your heart, you may want to wait for it or “try something new to find it”.

Even though I was originally interested in studying abroad, I thought, “I’m not sure what I’m doing, I’m not the only type of student studying abroad.” However, various things got kicking and finally I decided to study abroad, and as a result I gained my strengths-with confidence-my life became rich.

※ Those who apply for the exchange study abroad system of my high school are basically “people who like to interact with many people and are willing to learn”. It is a personal opinion though. . Since I was not originally from such a type of human being, I was determined to be selfish.

There are a lot of learnings that we do not know except for learning at schools all over the world. I can not learn even if I spend my life.

Even if you study Islam, there are still many things you have to learn if you really want to study it.

And there is always a field that suits you. And there is always a way to learn that suits you and that you can do your best.

Even though I thought that studying abroad would not suit me, there was actually learning that was right for me.

Even if studying abroad is one thing, it is totally different for each person what to learn and how to learn.

So I thought that everything was a challenge. 

Well, I wrote this article thinking that I would like to tell you such a thing today.

It’s just an idea for my way of life, so for your information. .

Well, today is this. Assalamu’alaikum!

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