Hello, Timshaw9.

Before I did they come to Islam

"I think that entering Islam will lead to the Islamic Center."

And was a little worried.

Because the culture of Japan and the culture of Islam are many different.

I was afraid that I would be biased towards the Islamic culture because I wanted to be a person who could understand various cultures and think in a broad perspective.

However, when actually becoming Muslim, the view was expanded oppositely.

That's the story today.

I was able to respect both cultures.

I grew up in a Japan Japan.

Recently, I have become a new Muslim and learn about Islamic teachings and culture.

This has touched two cultures.

However, I do not think that "this culture is correct" or "This culture is good" especially.

We respect both cultures in the same way.

Because I know the background of why this culture is in both cultures and how good this culture is.

If you know the background of the culture, you can understand it even if people from different cultures do not understand what you do in your own culture.

Conversely, because they do not know the culture, "this is what it is" and criticize, or rather shame or rather sad.

Because they do not understand the culture of the person, even if the person is a mess, a good person makes a misunderstanding.

It is like.

More choices of ways to live

"I respect both cultures," I said, "I think this culture is right for me."

The more you know about different cultures, the richer your life is.

This is because you can choose a culture that is suitable for you or that is more comfortable.

My thoughts and actions, which were not understood in Japan, were accepted easily by ordinary things in other cultures.

There are things like that.

It is not possible to live like oneself because it is not understood in a certain culture.It is shame to become like.

If you feel uncomfortable in the environment you are in, go on a journey to find the environment that suits you.

The world is wide.There is always an environment and culture that suits you.


  • Knowing different cultures will help you understand both cultures.
  • Knowing different cultures increases the way you choose to live.

In the future, I will continue to live without forgetting that the culture is not judged by the information on the surface, and that the culture has its background.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Have a good day…. Asalamu'ara!

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