Hello, I’m timshaw9.

Actually, before becoming a Muslim, I often went to “Jiro ramen *”.

My old favorite food is “Tonjiru (soup from pig meat”.In the Beef Bowl shop, if there is money, I always ask for Tonjiru.

※ Jiro Ramen: Ramen that consists of soup with plenty of pork and a large amount of vegetable and oversized grilled pork topped with thick and stiff noodles.You can add garlic as you like.Anyway, the amount of pork is very large.

But there is tragic news here.

“Islam bans pigs”

What is…

Before I became a Muslim, I often thought about the problem of this meal.

Because I can not eat Tonjiru and Jiro-based ramen of favorite food.

But the conclusion is, what I actually thought about being a Muslim

“There is no problem even if the pig cannot be eaten”

It is.The Muslims are also prohibited from drinking alcohol.

But that’s no problem.Let me explain why I think this way.

What you get is bigger than what you lost.

I came to enter the mosque without hesitation.

Actually, before becoming a Muslim, I had such anxiety.

“If I’m a Muslim who likes to travel, I’m not going to be able to enjoy local food with a limited diet.”

This is certainly difficult.Even Japan your home country will have more opportunities to care about your meals.

But I got one in exchange for that.

It is “go to the mosque without hesitation” as the title.

No. is that good?It may seem, but the design is different depending on the location of the mosque, because the decoration is often beautiful, it is good for the purpose of tourism.

In the extreme, you can stay in a mosque even if you do not have a Muslim inn (laughs)

It is a lot of merit for this trip unexpectedly.

Moreover, there are a lot of Muslim countries in the world unexpectedly when examining it.So I wanted to go to Islamic countries that I had never been interested in.

As an aside, Muslims are the only place in the “Mecca *” in Saudi Arabia.This is a privilege, isn’t it?

* Mecca: The Holy Land of Islam.Muslims all over the world pray for their heads in the direction of this Mecca.

Faith has increased the level of happiness in our hearts.

I feel like a religious solicitation (laughs)

But this is true.

If you believe in the great existence of God, you will be quite comfortable.

Believing that it is God that determines all of your life, you can think positively that even if something bad happens to you, “Well God has decided, maybe it’s good for anything.”

Because Islam is a monotheistic religion, “gratitude” and “the desire for help” are all ahead of God.

It’s a little confusing, but if you follow God, your life will be better!The idea is very simple and makes you feel better.

Monotheism: A religion that believes in one God.For Japan old religious Shinto is polytheism.

Also, five prayers every day is good because it becomes quite refreshing.You can also grasp the sense of time of day.

When do http://timshaw9.com/2019/05/14/Muslims pray?5 times a day/
If you're good, we'll stay.

I also have a Indonesia-language song that expresses this Islamic way of thinking, so I’ll introduce it to you.

Selow by Wahyu

What does the basic lyrics mean?

I'm used to getting away from people I love, and I don't care at all.
Because the man of my destiny does not run away from my life.
And I believe that God will give me a new good encounter again.

It is a feeling like.I’m sorry if I’m wrong.


  • We can be friends as soon as our faith is the same.(Now, one in four people in the world is Muslim.)
  • Studying the Koran increases the chance to touch Arabic.(I am thankful to my favorite language)

Like this.

Substitute for other ingredients

Tonjiru’s a substitute for goat meat

In the Indonesia I am studying abroad, goat meat is rather mainstream instead of pork.

The taste and texture of the goat meat and pork are quite similar.

The oil in the soup is similar.

So I thought, “I can make faux tonjiru with goat meat.”

I have not tried it yet, but I think that the Indonesia dish “Sop Kambing (goat soup)” is quite similar to Tonjiru, so you can even add halal miso to the recipe.

Only garlic is enough for Jiro-based ramen

This is what I noticed when I came to Indonesia.

“I don’t like Jiro ramen, but I like the smell of garlic.”

In Indonesia dish, there is a dish of the fragrance that makes you imagine Jiro ramen.

It is “Ayam Geprek (Fried chicken Smash)” “Tempe Balado (Tempebarad)”.

When I look at these recipes in a strange way, it is common to include garlic.

Since both dishes are spicy, I feel like I have a little challenge when I eat Jiro ramen (laughs)

It is similar to the place where it breaks the belly because of the challenge occasionally.


Considering the food culture of the Japan, “Swine & Alcohol prohibition” is honest and hard.But the world is wide.There are many things in the world that can be enjoyed besides pigs and liquor.

That was the story today.

Have a good day…. Asalamu’ara!

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