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It is one of the SEO measures to clarify the flow of the article with the headline, but this time I will show you how to change the design of the headline easily.

* SEO measures: Devise to have more people see your article.

How to change the design of a headline

Find your favorite design

First, let’s look at the headline design you like.

If I can write a CSS language *, I can make this headline design myself, but the beginner who just started like me uses the code that the veteran wrote.

* CSS Language: A language for changing the decoration of a Web site, such as the color of text.

I looked for a good design by the article of this monkey waka.

Choose a headline design that fits the theme of your site.

If you’re finished choosing the right design, copy the CSS code below it.

Paste code into additional CSS

After you’ve copied the CSS code for your favorite design, you’ll implement that code next.

❶ menu bar > > appearance > > customize
❷ Open Additional CSS
❸ this screen opens
❹ Paste the copied code
❺ Publish (Save changes)

Yes, it’s easy.The headline design you’ve already chosen has been applied to every article.

Change the design for each size

Next, we’ll decide which heading size to apply this design to.

Let’s apply the design you just picked to the H3 size heading.

❶ Open Additional CSS screen
Rewrite the ❷ “H1” to “H3”

I put the “/* H3 */” in the top so that it is easy to understand.The part enclosed by “/* */” is not recognized as a code and is treated as a comment.

❸ public [easy to forget]

Now that you’ve changed the heading size you want to apply, you can actually use it!

The design I’m using

H3 → Large Headline
H4 → Subheadings
H5 → Point highlighting

I use the headline size in this way.




It’s like this.Also, in the table of contents ↓ will be displayed like this.

How to add a table of contents to a http://timshaw9.com/2019/05/16/wordpress article/
Here's how to introduce the TOC.

At last

Now, can you change the design of the headline safely?

Let’s change the design of the headline and aim at a more easy-to-see site!

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