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Jumatan di Masjid Jami Nur Madinah.

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I did a post like this before.

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Do you know the Friday service of Islam?

As Christians go to church on Sundays, Muslims have a special prayer on Fridays.

This time, I will introduce the "Friday Service/Jumatan"!

What is Friday service?

Only for Men

Friday Worship only men do

Women do not participate.

In the usual prayers other than the Friday service, men are encouraged to pray in mosques as much as possible, but women have no particular provision.

Takes place every Friday

The Friday service is held every Friday, as the name suggests.

To be exact, it will be done on Friday during the prayer of noon.

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Please see here about the prayer time.

This Friday service is held every

If you skip the service on Fridays for three weeks, you will not be a Muslim.

Yes, it is an obligation for Muslim men.

By the way, in the Arab countries, this important Friday is a weekly holiday.

Take place in a mosque

There are three very different places where Muslims pray.

  1. Mosque
  2. Place of worship (Mushola)
  3. Home etc

Basically, you can do your usual prayers anywhere.

Nomadic Muslims in the desert are praying in the desert.

When my Indonesia friend came to Japan, I could not find the place of worship, so I asked him to pray under the emergency stairs at the shopping mall.

But in the case of Friday service, we have a place to do it.

Friday prayers are held in groups at mosques

It is not possible to do in a small place of worship and the home, and it is necessary to go to the mosque.

So, the mosque is filled with a large number of men on Friday prayers.

The place where the passage is usually is a prayer space.

Of course, the road is congested, too.

The mosque is humid.It's pretty spicy (laughs)

Listen to the leaders

So, what are we going to do after all?

After listening to the leader's story, we do group worship.

Leaders are popular in Islamic countries, and there are quite a few in towns and villages.

Rather than being a leader, I feel like a teacher who is knowledgeable about Islam.

The person's story is heard roughly about 30 minutes.

It is a good story, but I do not understand at all because the local language is used when I do the Friday service in an overseas mosque.

I hear the length of the principal's story in a foreign language in hot and humid for 30 minutes.This is quite boring.I'm already used to it.

By the way, at the mosque, I was talking about "reading the Koran on the fast moon", but I couldn't catch it at all (laughs)

In fact, the person who is dozing even in the local person, it is unexpectedly.

I did such a tweet the other day.
"Even if it seems to be a severe religion, it is actually the same as the principal's story, and human psychology is the same."

I did this tweet with such a meaning.

If you start a blog, if you are a topic-powerful leader who keeps talking for 30 minutes every week, it seems to be fine.

And when the story is over, I will do a group worship of half the length of the usual lunch prayer.

The prayer to be after sitting for a long time is quite pleasant (laughs)

Photos taken today

Now, I think that the rough place of the Friday service was introduced.

I was reading a long sentence, so here is the photo corner of the refresh (laughs)

Indonesia Village.
There was a horse.
The entrance to the mosque.
This is what it looks like.

In this neighborhood!

Have a good day today! … Asalamu'ara!

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